I have fond memories of me as a child with my Mom cutting the lawn and trimming hedges, I always felt so accomplished standing there so proud viewing the aesthetic of this perfect lawn a reflection of our hard work. That memory propelled my fascination to house plants specifically Norfolk Island Pine, Fiddle Leaf Fig and any other green plants that I could find in the neighborhood or that was donated by my mother’s friends.

My theory as I got older when looking back was it's not about making a pretty floral arrangement it's about the gratitude for the bloom, it's natural beauty - the petals, the colors and the leaves. This curiosity turned my focus into creating my own organic essential beauties combining air plants with  staghorn ferns and spider plants with hanging ivy as well as my mother’s peace lilies and by adding bromeliads to the pots brought an array of vibrant colors that spoke to me and put the biggest smile on my mother's face. 

Let me help you make your vision into an unforgettable moment, so all you have to make is memories.